How to: Update your details (change/update details on the Health App and Clinical System records)

To change your personal details, we recommend contacting your GP surgery directly, to get your details updated on their clinical system and the Health App.

Please note: Depending on your GP surgery's policy or process, you may be required to verify this change in person at your GP surgery.

Important: Your record may contain sensitive information. If someone is pressuring you for this information, contact your GP surgery immediately.

You have a legal right to access the information in your record.


Why do I need to contact my GP surgery?

Any changes to your contact information will need to be made by your GP surgery, to ensure nobody is doing this on your behalf, and to make sure both your medical record and your Health App record are updated with the same information.

Our Health App is connected to your GP surgery's clinical system, where your medical data is managed. We do not store any of your medical information on the Health App, not to worry.



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