How to: Cancel appointments

You can cancel appointments booked through the Health App, booked directly with your GP surgery and appointments booked through other services.

Please note:

If you're using the Rotherham Health App, you won't be able to cancel extended access Hub appointments.
You will need to contact extended access services directly, to cancel Hub appointments, for the Rotherham Health App.

However, you will still be able to see your appointment, in the 'Booked appointments' section, even if you have cancelled the appointment, after contacting the hub service.




If you would like to cancel an appointment:

Step 1. Select 'View your upcoming and past appointments' on the welcome screen.




Alternately, click on the 'Appointments' tab, near the top of the Health App.




Step 2. Then select 'Booked appointments'.




Step 3. You will then see your upcoming appointments. Find the appointment you wish to cancel and click 'Cancel'.




Step 4. Select 'Your reason for cancelling' from the drop-down-box, and click 'Cancel appointment'.




Step 5. You will then see a message to confirm that your appointment has been cancelled.




If you would like to change your upcoming appointments:
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If you would like to view your upcoming appointments:
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