1. Navigate to your PatientPack App.

If you are not sure where to go, find the app by reading this article

2. Click Request account.

3. Enter your details in to the form and click Request an account. This sends a request to your practice.

Note: You must ensure that your first name, surname and date of birth match your medical record. If you want to check these match please contact your practice. 

4. You have limited access and can book one appointment, you cannot order medication. 

5. Verify your identity by bringing two forms of identification to your practice. 

Note: One form of identification must feature a photo. Acceptable documents include passport, photo driving licences and bank statements. Bills are not an acceptable document.

6. Click on the link received in your confirmation email to sign in. 

You now have full access and can sign in to your account. You can book appointments, manage your medication, view test results, and access your medical record.