Navigate to your PatientPack App

If you are not sure where to go, find the app by reading this article

  Click Request account.

Read the information and click Request account

  Enter your details in to the form and click Request an account.

You must ensure that your first name, surname and date of birth match your medical record. If you want to check these match please contact your practice.

  You have limited access until your practice verifies your identity and approves your account

Feature Limited access Full access
View medical record
Book one appointment
Book more appointments
Order medication

Your practice need to verify your identity in person before they can approve your account. One form of identification must feature a photo. Acceptable identification documents include:

  • Passport
  • Photo driving lisence
  • Bank statements

Bills are not an acceptable document.

Note: If you have questions about identity verification you will need to ask your practice directly. This is at the discretion of each practice, and how long this can take depends on practice policy and workload.