Troubleshooting: Problems applying for an NHS login

Guidance and help

Your application for an NHS login is processed and managed by the NHS. We have put together some guidance we received from the NHS login team, explaining common issues with uploading ID during the NHS login application process:

  • The photo is not clear and does not include all four corners of the ID
  • ID is out of date (expired) or invalid
    • Accepted documents are: Passports, UK driving licences (full or provisional), European driving licences (full), and European national identity card
  • The numbers are not being read out correctly in the video 

If you encounter problems with registering for an NHS login:

  1. Try the NHS login application process again, ensuring that the above guidance points are adhered to
  2. If step 1 doesn't resolve the problem, please visit
  3. If you still experience problems after steps 1 & 2, you can obtain the following details from your GP, who will provide you with:
  • An account ID (which could be called a Passphrase)
  • An ODS code (which could be called an Organisation Code or Practice ID)
  • A Linkage key

This will allow you to apply for an NHS login, without having to use the photo/video verification method.


For more information visit:



If you choose this alternative method and ask your GP for the 3 details to prove your identity, please consider the information below:

The resolution of your issue mentioned above involves the interaction of your GP. We would usually recommend visiting your GP and asking them to carry out the necessary steps listed above – however, in response to the potential threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission between individuals, we are keen to avoid users making non-medical related visits to their GP.

Being mindful of the potential increased volume of work for GP's as a potential result of any Coronavirus outbreak, you may wish to postpone contacting your GP in the short term.

Alternatively, we would advise you contact your GP via email or telephone to action the above steps.

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