Troubleshooting: Problems applying for an NHS login

Guidance and help

Your application for an NHS login is processed and managed by the NHS.

We have put together some guidance we received from the NHS login team, explaining common issues with uploading ID during the NHS login application process:

  • The photo is not clear or does not show text clearly
  • The photo is partly covered and does not include all four corners of the ID
  • There is shine or glare from a light or window
  • ID is out of date (expired) or invalid
    • Accepted documents are:
      • Passport (except a Syrian passport)
      • UK driving licences (full or provisional)
      • European driving licences (full)
      • European national identity card (except a paper Italian ID card or Greek ID card)
      • UK residence card or biometric residence permit (BRP)
    • Not accepted documents are:
      • travel cards
      • bus passes
      • NHS ID cards
      • visa stickers
      • UK citizen ID cards
      • proof of age cards
      • university or school ID cards
      • Syrian passports
      • paper Italian ID cards
      • Greek ID cards
      • UK driver qualification cards
      • an image of a printout or screen showing your photo ID
The NHS has provided more information on proving your identity:

NHS login help centre, Use photo ID to prove who you are

  • The numbers are not being read out clearly or correctly in the video
  • The numbers are incorrect or cannot be seen clearly in the video
  • If a black screen is shown when trying to take a photo:
    • you may need to check your permissions, in the settings of your device

Your web browser settings, in your device, will need to have camera and microphone permissions enabled.

The NHS login website must also, have camera and microphone permissions enabled 

To enable permissions on your device:

    • There may be a problem with your current software (operating system) version, on your device

There is a known bug, with iOS 11.2, where the camera does not load correctly.

Please check and update your device to the latest operating system version.

To check and update your device:




If you encounter problems, with registering for an NHS login

  1. Try the NHS login application process again, following the steps clearly and ensuring:
    • your ID is valid
    • your device is up-to-date
    • you have taken a clear photo
    • you have read out, signed (with British Sign Language) or written the numbers down and shown four numbers correctly on the video
  2. If step 1 doesn't resolve the problem, please visit: NHS login help centre
  3. If you still experience problems after steps 1 & 2, you can obtain the following details from your GP surgery, who will provide you with:
    • An Account ID
    • An ODS Code (which could be called an Organisation Code or Practice ID)
    • A Linkage Key (which could be called a Passphrase)

This will allow you to apply for an NHS login, without having to use the photo/video verification method.



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