Information: Approving full access - How long will it take my GP?

If you have registered and been accepted for an NHS login, then you should return to our Health App and use the "Continue with NHS login" button:




When you sign in with your NHS login successfully for the first time, our Health App will send a full-access request to your GP surgery.

Until your request is approved by your GP surgery, you will have limited access to some of the features in the Health App.

How long will you need to wait?

  • Some GP's process full access approvals daily, but others may have different timescales
  • If you haven't been approved full access to the Health App within five working days (or require urgent access), please contact your GP directly


Please note:
If you have any problems with your NHS login please visit their website:

On this site, the NHS login team explain how to:

  • Change your password, and what to do if you have problems
  • Change your NHS login email address, and add a backup email address
  • Change your mobile phone number, and what to do if you have problems
  • Add or remove remembered devices from your NHS login
  • Delete NHS login and manage it from other services




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