New users on the Health App

If you are new to our Health App, the following information will help guide you through registering and getting started.

If you do not have NHS login, you will need to create an NHS login, which ensures that your medical data is only shared with you.

For most users, the NHS login process takes 30 minutes to complete, but in some cases, it can take a couple of days. 


Our registration process

NHS login ensures that you can safely view and access your medical record through the app.

The NHS login process verifies your personal details.

Furthermore, this login method lets you access a variety of digital healthcare websites and apps (including ours), with your email address, phone number and password.


You can navigate through the article by clicking on the tabs below:


Step 1 - Download the App Step 2 - Register for NHS login Step 3 - Get full access

Step 1 - Download the App

  • Download our mobile Android or iOS App, or go to the web-browser links from:
       Links for App stores and Web App
  • Open the Health App and click on the 'Register here' link.
  • The link will re-direct you to the NHS login website, to register with a new NHS login or an existing NHS login. 




Important: Your record may contain sensitive information. If someone is pressuring you for this information, contact your GP surgery immediately.

You have a legal right to access the information in your record.



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