New users on the Health App

If you are a new user to our App, the following information will help guide you through registering and getting started on our App. You will need to create an NHS login, which ensures that your medical data is only shared with you. For most users, this NHS process takes 30 minutes to complete but can take up to several hours. 


Our registration process

mceclip1.pngNHS login ensures that you can safely view and access your medical record through the app. This NHS process verifies your personal details. Further, this login method lets you access a variety of digital health and care websites and apps with just one email address and password, including ours.


You can navigate through the article by clicking on the below steps

Step 1 - Download the App

Step 2 - Register for NHS login, (proving your identity)

Step 3 - Get full access


Step 1 - Download the App

  • Download our mobile Android or iOS App, or obtain the web-browser links from
  • Open the App and click on the "Register here" link below the two blue buttons.
  • This will re-direct you to the NHS login website, to register for your NHS login. 


We've created a short video on 'How to register':


Step 2 - Register for NHS login, proving your identity

Next, you will be redirected to the NHS login page. Whilst on the NHS login site, please follow the on-screen instructions carefully:




How to prove your identity: 

You can prove your identity using one of the following: 

  • UK or European driving licence
  • Passport European national identity card

You will need to send a photo of your I.D. and record a short video of your face while you say 4 numbers.

Once approved and connected to this app, you will be able to book appointments, order prescriptions and view your medical records. 


To help you understand the process the NHS have developed a short video for patients:


Useful links:

Your data is verified by the NHS. This app does not store any data without your consent.
Information on the NHS Login process:
If you experience any problems with applying for an NHS login, please visit


Step 3 - Getting full access

Once you have had your NHS login approved by the NHS login team, return to our App and click on the "Continue with NHS login" button (see below) 



What happens next? 

An account application will then be sent to your GP, requesting full access to all the features
You can access limited features on the app until your GP surgery approves you. You will be able to book 1 appointment through the app. 


  • Some GP's process full access approvals daily, but others may have different timescales
  • If you haven't been approved full access to the App within five working days (or require urgent access), please contact your GP directly.
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