Information: Why can I not see certain sections of the app?

The sections you can see on the Health App will depend on the settings your GP surgery has enabled on your Health App account.

If you cannot see certain sections of the Health App and you would like to access to these, please contact your GP surgery directly.

Important: Your record may contain sensitive information. If someone is pressuring you for this information, contact your GP surgery immediately.

You have a legal right to access the information in your record.

Please note:

You may have limited access, because your Health App account needs to be verified by your GP surgery.

If you are newly registered or have recently migrated from our Classic login method to NHS login, your details have been submitted to your GP surgery, to approve access to all of the Health App features.

As you have logged in using your NHS login, your GP surgery will be able to see that you have had all ID checked, and will complete the approval remotely.​​​​

Approving full access: How long will it take to my GP surgery?



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