How to: Changing your GP surgery on the App

If you have changed your GP surgery, you will need your GP surgery changed by us on the Health App.

You can contact us by submitting a request, and one of our team will take you through the change of GP process.

Please include the following information when you submit a request to us:

    1. Old GP:
    2. New GP:
    3. Has your new GP confirmed that you are now registered on their Clinical Systems/records? Yes/No
Please note:

You must be registered with your new GP surgery, before we can change your GP surgery on the Health App.

We can't provide timescales of how long it will take to change your GP surgery on the Health App, as we will need to contact your new GP to confirm some details. You can contact us anytime, for an update on the process.




Need to submit a support ticket and speak to one of our team?

Click "Support" on the top-right-hand-side of the Health App



Select "Technical Support", from the menu on the top-left-hand-side of the Mobile App.




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