How to: Migrate from Classic login to NHS login

Important: This article only applies if you use the Classic login method, and have not yet migrated to an NHS login.

What is an NHS login? 

Besides using this Health App, NHS login allows you to access lots of different health and care websites and apps with just one set of login details. NHS login is simply a new login method for your existing Health App account with us. (You won't be switching over to the NHS App.)




What do you need to set up your NHS login account? 




Migration of your existing Health App login method

If you wish to migrate your login from a Classic login to an NHS login:

Step 1: Sign in to the App using your existing Classic login method, clicking on "Log in with email" :


Step 2: Once logged into the app, you will need a message which invites you to switch to NHS login. Follow the on-screen instructions: Select 'Continue with NHS login'  (see image below) 


Step 3: This will take you to the NHS login screen. Follow the on-screen prompts(provided by NHS login themselves) to sign-in with an existing NHS login account, or register for a new NHS login account. 


The NHS login team have created a video which can walk you through creating an NHS login step-by-step:




More information and help on NHS login can be found here:

What is NHS login?

Set up a new NHS login:

If you have any problems logging in or registering for NHS login, visit




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