Troubleshooting: Covid-19 proof of vaccination not listed

The Health App is currently not an accepted app to prove your Covid vaccination status.

You will need to use the NHS App, which has been approved by the government to verify your vaccination status: NHS App




To view your vaccinations/immunisations on our Health App:

  1. Click on the "My Record" tab, near the top of the Health App.




  2. Select "Immunisations".






Please Note:

All vaccinations/immunisations are read from your GP's Clinical System.

If you cannot see your vaccinations/immunisation on the Health App, you will need to contact your GP directly.

Your GP may have:

a) restricted your visibility to certain information

b) added in the information, to your medical record in a different way




For information and guidance on how to prove your vaccination, we recommend that you:



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