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GP's offer many different types of online services, with some being developed into Apps. 

All of these Apps are developed by either the NHS or other organisations, who specialise in developing online services or Apps for healthcare.

Your GP may use more than one of these online services or Apps, depending on their patient and practice needs.

In 2018, NHS digital designed a single sign-on method for patients to login to each of these Apps, called NHS login.

This greatly improves the patient experience and avoids having to manage your login from different App providers.


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More information on NHS login:



The "Birmingham & Solihull Health App" and "Rotherham Health App" (developed by Substrakt Health) are approved by the NHS login team to use NHS login.

Currently, there are two ways to login to our Apps:

  • Classic login: for patients who registered for our App prior to March 2020
  • NHS login: for patients who are new to our App, or registered after March 2020

We plan to ask all patients registered with a Classic login to migrate to NHS login very soon.

So if you haven't already, please follow these instructions to migrate:

Classic Login - How to migrate to an NHS login

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