Troubleshooting: Classic Login and updating details

Important: This article only applies if you use the Classic Login Method, and have not yet migrated to an NHS login.


To sign in using our Classic login method, click on "Log in with email":



Here are some troubleshooting tips if you are having difficulties signing in:

  1. Ensure there are no spaces after your mobile number/email address
  2. Click "show password" to ensure you are inputting the correct password


If you still have problems, want to change your username or password, click on "Trouble signing in?"



The follow the on-screen instructions:



If you choose to update your email address or mobile, please remember this will only update your details on the App, you will need to still contact your GP to update the details they hold on their Clinical System.



Information: Migrating to NHS login

Once logged in, existing users who use our Classic Login method have the option to migrate to an NHS login. 

We hope that most of our customers will opt to migrate to using the NHS login feature as soon as possible.

NHS login lets you access a variety of digital health and care websites and apps with just one email address and password.


If you haven't migrated to NHS login yet, simply sign in as above as normal, then click on "Continue with NHS login" (see above) and follow the on-screen instructions

More information:

For more information on NHS login, visit

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