How to: View my medication?

The availability dates and list of repeat medication are read from your GP surgery's clinical system.

If you cannot see your medication on the Health App, please contact your GP surgery directly.

Important: Your record may contain sensitive information. If someone is pressuring you for this information, contact your GP surgery immediately.

You have a legal right to access the information in your record.


You can use the Health App to view your current and past medication (repeat and non-repeat).


Current Medication Past Medication

To view your current medication:

  1. Select 'View medication and request repeat prescriptions' on the welcome screen.




    Alternately, click on the 'Medication' tab, near the top of the Health App.




  2. Select 'Current Medication'.




  3. Click 'Repeat Medications', to view your current repeat medications.




  4. Click 'Non-Repeat Medications' to view your current one-off/non-repeat medications.





The following explains medication status:




Your medication is available to order.




Your medication is not available, because it has been previously rejected by your GP surgery.

Please contact your GP surgery to find out why your medication was rejected, and to change the status of your medication on your medical record.


On Order


The request has been forwarded to your GP surgery for approval.


Last Issued / Not Available


Your medication is not available.

If your medication status has recently changed from 'On Order' to 'Last Issued' or 'Not Available', and the date shown is the last time you requested your medication, you should attempt to collect your medication within the time frame specified by your GP surgery.

Please take a look at the following article, to explain why your medication is showing as 'Not Available':

My repeat medication is showing as 'Not Available'



You can check more information about your repeat medication, by selecting the 'Show/Hide details' drop-down-box, under the name of the medication.

You can find out the last time your medication was requested next to 'Last Requested'.

You will also see information about:

  • Your medication, including brief instructions on how to use your medication.
  • Last issued date.
  • Information about your medication if it has reached it's maximum issue count.
  • Medication status:
      • Requested - your medication has been sent to your GP surgery.
      • Issued - your medication was issued the last time you made a request.
      • Rejected - your medication was rejected the last time you made a request.



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