How to: Change/Reset your password for NHS login

Your NHS login details are managed by the NHS login team and unfortunately, our support team will not be able to help you change those details. 


To change your NHS login details or reset your NHS login password, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the NHS login website: NHS login, manage passwords


  2. Sign-in to your NHS login account: NHS login, Enter your email address




  3. If you have entered the correct NHS login details, you will see the following message:




  4. When you click continue you will see a two factor authentication message:




    A 6 digit authentication code will be sent to the phone number that you have used for your NHS login, and click 'Continue'.


  5. You may see a message about missing details on your NHS record, for now, select to 'Skip and take me to Manage your NHS account'


  6. Select 'Your NHS login details'




  7. You should now see your NHS login page, where you can change or update your email address, password, mobile phone number, and delete your NHS login, if you wish to.





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