How to: Sign in (with NHS or Classic login)

If you are already registered with our Health App, you can sign-in using:

  • A) Your NHS login
  • B) Our Classic login*
Please note:
If you are a new user, you will need to register for our Health App by using NHS login.
For more information on how to register: How to: Register

*If you are an existing user with a Classic login, and wish to migrate to an NHS login, please click here for guidance: Classic Login - How to migrate to an NHS login
For more information on NHS login: What is NHS login?


NHS login Classic login

A) Sign in with NHS login

To sign-in using NHS login:

1) On the main sign-in page, click on:



2) You will then be re-directed to the NHS login tool (which is provided and managed by the NHS login team):




Once verified, NHS login will re-direct you back to our Health App, and you will be automatically logged in.


Please note:
The NHS login process can take a bit of time and can be a bit complicated (apologies).
If you experience any problems with NHS login, please contact the NHS login team through their help-centre:




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