Troubleshooting: NHS login problems

If you are experiencing problems with NHS login, please visit:

The link above includes many self-help tools and guidance on:

  • How to set-up NHS login
    • What is NHS login
    • How to set up NHS login
    • Where you can use NHS login
    • What you need to set-up an NHS login
  • How to manage NHS login, including:
    • Passwords
    • Email addresses
    • Phone number
    • Remembered devices
    • Managing and deleting your NHS login
    • Updating NHS record contact details
  • How to prove who you are
    • Use photo ID to prove who you are
    • What to do if you do not have photo ID
  • How to record and upload a video
  • Mixed reference support for technical problems, general advise and known issues


The following links will take you to NHS Digital sites, where you can find useful information that will help you troubleshoot your NHS login.

Known problems and fixes: NHS Login, Service Updates and Releases, Problems and Fixes

NHS login error codes: NHS Login, Error Codes

If you're still having difficulty with your NHS login, you can contact the NHS login team:
Contact NHS Login




To find out more about NHS login: Information: What is NHS login?

The NHS login is a single sign-on method provided by the NHS.

NHS login lets you access a variety of digital healthcare websites and apps with just one email address and password.

Partners and developers of Apps, such as ourselves can trust NHS login to take care of the identity verification of their users, securely, and know that it is a brand that the public will recognise.

NHS login can be used on any website or app that shows the NHS login button:

image of a continue with nhs login button

Clicking this button from within the app or website, you are accessing, will let you log into or create an account.

Visit the NHS login webpage for a full list of websites and apps that allow you to use NHS login.


If you do not have a Health App account, with NHS login, you can register here:
How to: Register


Can't access the Health App, because you haven't migrated to NHS login?
Here's how you can migrate your Classic login method to NHS login: 
Classic Login - How to migrate to an NHS login



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