Information: We are switching our sign-in method to NHS login

The following information is only for existing Classic login users, who did not migrate to NHS login.

As of 1st June 2022, patients will only be able to log in to the Health App using NHS login details.


If you previously signed-in with our Classic login and did not migrate your Classic login method to NHS login, you can continue to use your Health App account by selecting the blue 'Continue with NHS login' button, and following the on-screen instructions to apply for an NHS login account, or login with an existing NHS login account.



If you used a mobile phone number instead of an email address for your Classic login, please remember that you will need to use an email address when setting up your NHS login.

After the you have applied for an NHS login account or have signed-in with an existing NHS login, all of the Health App features that you could access before will become available again.


Please note:
Your GP surgery will need to verify your NHS login application, but not to worry, your GP surgery can do this remotely.
If your GP surgery takes more than 5 working days to verify your NHS login, please contact your GP surgery directly.

For more information about NHS login and migrating from your Classic login method to NHS login:

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