Information: We are switching to NHS login only on 1st September 2021

You may have noticed a slight change to our login screens recently.

This has been re-designed to improve patient experience when signing into our App, by clearly differentiating the two login methods patients use:

1) NHS login

2) Email (referred to as a Classic login)

Since March 2020, new users can only register for our App using NHS login, and existing Classic login users have had the option to migrate to NHS login.



The following information only affects existing Classic login users, yet to migrate to NHS login.

If you sign in with Classic login, when you select on "Log in with Email" button from the main sign-in screen, you will see a second page where you can enter your Classic login details.
This page also includes an explantation that we plan to switch to NHS login only from 1st September 2021.


We strongly recommend all Classic login users migrate to NHS login before 1st September, to avoid losing access to the usual features within the App.

If you use a mobile number instead of an email address for your Classic login, please remember that you will need to use an email address when setting up your NHS login. There are plenty of free email providers available e.g. gmail, hotmail, outlook, yahoo etc.

After 1st September 2021, if any patient signs in with a Classic login, they will only see the following link to migrate to an NHS login.


After the migration is completed, all the normal App features will become available again.

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